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Me and Lejla 2023

Hi my name is Eva and I live with my boyfriend Thomas in a house in south of Sweden. I bought my first Persian in 1993 and have been on cat shows since 1995. In 1999 I got my cattery name Summerwinds in WCF (IDP). In 2014 I transfer the cattery to Fife and change my cattery name to SE*Summersnows.

My main interest is cat shows so my cats are both breeders and show cats, therefore we don’t have many litters. It’s very important for us that the kittens we breed is healthy, have a good temperament and have a nice balanced body and open sweet expression.

Welcome to contact me:

Tel: +46 733 522654


Our girls

PER g 02 62
Turhild is born in 2021 from our "Wild-litter"

PER g 02 62
Lejla is born at new years eve 2022 at our friend Yvonne Östers cattery. Lejlas mother is SE*Summersnows Call for the Wild One

PER d 01 21 62
Ebba is born 2022 in Poland at Jantar cattery

Our boy

BE*Love Bound Vidar is our breeding male from Belgium. He's born in 2020 and is father to our "Wild-litter" and "Movie-litter".

You find more pictures here.

Our show neuters

Elissa is our neutered show girl.

Elissa is born in 2018 from our “Middle Age-litter”.

She is mother to the "prehistoric-", the "wild-" and the "movie-litter".

SP, SC (CFA CH, WCF CH) S*Headturners Call Me Mr JW DSM DM 

Ture is our neutered show boy. He is also the father of the "Viking-litter" and the “Middle Age-litter”.

You find more pictures and show results here.

Ture is also a global cover cat for IKEAs collection LURVIG, which was released for examples in Japan, France, Canada, USA, Portugal, South Korea, England and Sweden in 2019 and 2020.

SP & SC (CFA CH WCF CH) S*Headturners Call Me Mr JW DSM DM at FHK'19 when he was BOB-tot.

Photo: IKEA

Our retired breeders and show cats

Mother to the "Viking-litter" and the "Middle Age-litter", neutered and rehomed.

Our show boy under 2013-2016, neutered and rehomed.

Mother to the "animal-litter" and a show girl under 2017-2019, neutered and rehomed.